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Bow For Kamanche Boma-457

Looking to enhance your Kamanche or Kamancha playing experience? Look no further than Boma Music, where we offer a premium Bow designed specifically for the Persian Kamanche and Azeri Kamancha. Made with high-quality horsehair and crafted with care, our Bow is the perfect addition to any musician's toolkit. Shop now and elevate your music with Boma.

Bridge For Kamancheh Boma-795

Upgrade your Kamancheh's sound with Boma's high-quality bridge. Perfect for both beginners and professional musicians, this bridge ensures optimal sound quality and longevity. Shop now and experience the best of Persian music with Boma Music.

Fiberglass Hard Case For Kamanche Boma-455

Introducing our Fiberglass Hard Case For Kamanche, designed to keep your precious instrument safe and protected during transport. Made of

Hard Case For Kamanche Boma-774

Looking for a perfect hard case to keep your Kamanche or Kabak Kemane safe while on the go? Look no further than Boma's Hard Case For Kamanche, designed to provide optimal protection for your instrument through its durable, lightweight construction and suspension cushions. Buy now and enjoy worry-free travel with your precious instrument.

Padded Kamanche Gig Bag Case Boma-787

Protect your beloved Kamanche with ease using Boma's Padded Kamanche Gig Bag Case. This durable and stylish bag is specifically designed to fit Persian and Azeri Kamanches while providing total protection from scratches and dirt during transportation.

Premium Strings For Azeri Kamancha Boma-796

Upgrade your Boma playing experience with our top-quality Premium Strings for Azeri Kamancha. Crafted with durable steel and expertly crafted, these ball-end strings will deliver clear and brilliant sound, guaranteed to bring out the best in your instrument. Order now and enjoy unparalleled performance from your Boma, no matter where you are in the world!

Skin For Kamanche Boma-800

Looking for a reliable Skin for Kamanche? Look no further than Boma's high-quality accessory, specifically designed to enhance your sound quality and provide a sleek, stylish appearance. Easy to install and built to last, our Skin for Kamanche is the perfect choice for any Persian traditional music enthusiast.

Special Adjustable Bow For Kamancha Boma-773

Looking for a top-quality adjustable bow for your Persian Kamanche or Azeri Kamancha? Look no further than Boma Music's! Made with durable materials and adjustable to your preferences, our bow is designed to provide exceptional sound quality and enhance your playing experience. Order now and take your playing to the next level!

Welcome to Boma Music, your go-to place for all your Kamancheh accessory needs! We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality accessories to help you take your Kamancheh playing to the next level. Our collections of strings, cases, stands, and more are designed to enhance your playing experience and protect your instrument.

Kamancheh is one of the most popular traditional stringed musical instruments with a unique and spherical body. It produces a melodious and lovely sound that makes it a must-play for classical and folk music enthusiasts in various countries, including Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. That’s why at Boma Music, we understand the need for top-notch Kamancheh accessories.

We are committed to providing the best Kamancheh accessories on the market. Our collection comprises a variety of strings suitable for all playing styles, from tunings to specialized playing, as well as quality cases for safe and secure transportation of your instrument. Additionally, we offer matching stands to keep your musical instrument organized and easily accessible.

We take pride in only selling accessories sourced from trusted manufacturers and brands. We do not compromise on quality and strive to offer our customers only the best products. Our international online store provides fast and reliable shipping wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Boma Music is the perfect online store for all your Kamancheh accessory needs. Shop with us today and enjoy the best accessories on the market for your musical instrument. Shop now at Boma Music and experience the joy of playing your Kamancheh with top-quality accessories!