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All About Darbuka Instrument and Music 10 Tips


The existence of music dates back thousands of years. People invented instruments for fun. They used the ideas of the time. Technology was not as advanced as it is today. They made musical instruments from trees, logs, and animal skins. Technology is developing day by day, and our possibilities are increasing. That being the case, it becomes easier to produce many musical instruments, but most importantly, it is the old instruments that inspire us in the making of these instruments. There are various instruments that people made in ancient times. These instruments were played by striking, blowing, or tapping strings. In ancient times, humans created percussive sound rhythms. 


As time progressed, they made pulleys from trees. They invented instruments by covering these pulleys with animal skins. The oldest known musical instrument is the darbuka, which is included in the percussion category. The darbuka instrument is quite entertaining. Day by day, a new instrument was started to be produced by adding a few features to the existing instrument. While darbuka was made of wood in ancient times, it is also produced from different materials today.


What Is The Darbuka?

Darbuka, which is very common in certain parts of the world, gives energy to people thanks to the sound and rhythm it makes. The darbuka instrument has two sounds in total. For the first sound, the middle of the instrument is struck. The second sound is mostly produced for decoration and improvisation. Darbuka is mostly used for entertainment purposes. We can see the darbuka in every nation. It has spread all over the world with the inspiration of people from each other.



Structure Of Darbuka

Darbuka has a conical shape and a plain structure with an almost round head. The structure of the darbuka instrument may be different depending on their geographical location and origin. The influence of western pop and hip-hop music has influenced Middle Eastern music culture and has caused some changes in its shape and structure. In recent times, it has had a very bright interface in appearance. It gained modernity with this look.

Music Instruments: Turkish darbukas

Tips About The Darbuka Instrument

We have some recommendations for those who are just learning to play the darbuka. There are different sizes of darbuka. Choosing a darbuka in darbuka that is suitable for your age and level will make it easier for you in terms of learning. Since there are different types of darbuka in each region, you should decide on the style of the region you want to play in while making your choice.


Darbukas have differences in terms of playing technique. If you are not playing this instrument to have fun individually, you should attend a course. If you do not want to go to a course, you should practice a lot and improve yourself. The most significant thing in darbuka is the use of fingers. The more you practice, the more you will improve. In addition, it is essential to adjust the sound settings of the darbuka. If there is a sound disorder in your drum, the tuning must be adjusted.


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