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Padded Darbuka Case By Emin Percussion Boma-513

Looking for a reliable and stylish way to keep your darbuka safe and secure? Look no further than the Padded Darbuka Case by Emin Percussion, available now on Boma's online store. With its lightweight design and waterproof construction, this case offers maximum protection for your musical gear, no matter where your travels take you.

Professional Ceramic Darbuka With Fish Skin Boma-518

Boma is proud to present our Professional Ceramic Darbuka with Fish Skin, a must-have for percussionists around the world. With its top-quality materials, medium bass sound, and easy tunability, our darbuka is ideal for any music genre. Get your groove on and order now!

Professional Clay Ceramic Solo Darbuka By Emin Percussion Boma-514

Looking for a high-quality darbuka drum that will make a lasting impression? Look no further than the Professional Clay Ceramic Solo Darbuka By Emin Percussion, featuring precision engineering and a goat skin drumhead for unparalleled sound. Plus, our international online store means you can order from anywhere and have it delivered right to your door with the included gig bag case for protection during transport.

Professional Clay Ceramic Solo Darbuka By Emin Percussion Boma-515

Introducing the Professional Clay Ceramic Solo Darbuka by Emin Percussion - the perfect percussion instrument for traditional Middle Eastern, North African, and Balkan music lovers. Boma offers an authentic and high-quality darbuka made from natural clay and perfectly sized at 23 cm in diameter and 45 cm in height for solo or band performances. Experience the warm and resonant sound of our clay darbuka for yourself and add it to your musical instrument collection.

Professional Clay Medium Bass Darbuka Boma-517

Introducing our premium clay medium bass darbuka, perfect for all percussion enthusiasts! Made with high-quality goat skin, the Boma darbuka boasts a skin diameter of 25 cm and diameter of 32 cm, standing 48 cm tall. With the included tuning apparatus, you can easily adjust the sound to your liking, making it perfect for any performance, recording, or practice session.

Professional Clay Medium Bass Darbuka By Emin Percussion Boma-516

Boma offers the top-of-the-line Professional Clay Medium Bass Darbuka by Emin Percussion. This beautifully crafted instrument will deliver an unbeatable deep bass sound that will captivate any audience. With a goat skin material and a high-quality gig bag case, it's the perfect choice for professional drummers, percussionists, and musicians.

Professional Clay Solo Darbuka Boma-520

Introducing our high quality Professional Clay Solo Darbuka, crafted from durable clay with pure goat skin for a deep and rich sound. Included tuning apparatus and gig bag case makes it easy to take your Boma Darbuka on the go. Order now for exceptional sound and easy travel.

Professional Medium Bass Clay Darbuka Boma-634

Looking for a high-quality darbuka for your musical collection? Look no further the Professional Medium Bass Clay Darbuka from Boma Music. Crafted with premium-quality ceramic and goat skin, this versatile instrument offers a dynamic range of bass and medium tones perfect for modern or traditional music styles. With a lamp system equipped with dimmer, and professional gigbag included, this darbuka is a must-have for drummers and percussionists seeking top-quality sound, style and durability.

Professional Medium Bass Clay Darbuka Boma-636

Looking to upgrade your sound? Check out our selection of high-quality musical instruments, including the Professional Medium Bass Clay Darbuka by Boma. With its top-of-the-line features and reliable delivery, you'll be playing like a pro in no time.

Professional Medium Bass Sombaty Clay Darbuka Boma-631

Looking for a top-quality medium bass sombaty clay darbuka? Look no further than Boma Music! Our darbuka is carefully crafted from high-quality ceramic/clay and produces stunning deep, resonant bass tones. With a protective case and a beautiful lamp system, you won't find a better darbuka anywhere else.

Professional Solo Clay Darbuka Boma-630

Boma Music presents the Professional Solo Clay Darbuka, designed to deliver exceptional sound quality for every rhythm. Crafted with high-quality ceramic/clay body and goat skin drumhead, this darbuka produces a clear and crisp tone perfect for solo or group performances. Complete with a gigbag case and lamp system, get yours now and experience the best sound quality in every beat.

Professional Solo Clay Darbuka Boma-632

Looking for a high-quality darbuka to enhance your musical performances? Look no further than Boma's Professional Solo Clay Darbuka. Crafted from durable ceramic/clay materials and featuring a goat skin head for exceptional sound quality, this darbuka is the perfect choice for solo performers and group sessions alike. Order now and experience the beauty of its sound for yourself!

Professional Solo Clay Darbuka Boma-637

Upgrade your performances with the Professional Solo Clay Darbuka from Boma Music. Crafted with premium materials and equipped with a convenient gigbag case and lamp system, this versatile instrument is a must-have for any musician's collection. Shop now and get it delivered internationally.

Professional Solo Clay Darbuka Boma-639

Upgrade your music experience with Boma's Professional Solo Clay Darbuka, crafted with high-quality clay and goat skin for rich, vibrant tones. Perfectly sized for personal use or performances, this darbuka comes with a gigbag case and lamp system with dimmer for easy transport. Order now and take your music to the next level.

Professional Solo Clay Darbuka Boma-640

Boma Music offers the exceptional Professional Solo Clay Darbuka, featuring a unique ceramic/clay body and high-quality goat skin for exceptional sound quality. Complete with a gigbag case and lamp system, this darbuka is a must-have for percussionists of all levels. Order now and take your performances to the next level.

Solo Darbuka Hard Case Boma-633

Protect your cherished Boma darbuka while on the go with the durable and lightweight Solo Darbuka Hard Case. Featuring suspension cushions and a solid handle, this hard case keeps your instrument centered and safe from damage. Order yours today from our online store!

The Usul (Rhythmic Pattern) In Turkish Music Boma-635

Looking to explore the enchanting world of Turkish music? Look no further than Boma's selection of musical resources, including The Usul (Rhythmic Pattern) in Turkish Music. With this insightful book, you can unlock the rich history and complex rhythms of Turkish music, and add a unique flair to your musical repertoire. Order your copy today and start your journey into the mesmerizing world of Turkish music.

Welcome to Boma Music, the hub of authentic clay darbukas that have been expertly crafted by gifted Turkish luthiers. The clay darbuka is a percussive instrument that is an essential part of traditional Middle Eastern, North African, and Balkan music. Clay darbukas, renowned for their warm, dry sound and authenticity, have gained global popularity over the years.

Boma Music offers a diverse range of clay darbukas in various sizes and colour combinations that will astound you. Our store provides standard and special category clay darbukas, including professional ceramic solo and medium bass options, and many others. Every instrument we offer has been expertly manufactured to ensure that you only get the highest quality and most authentic sound in musical instruments.

Our clay darbukas have natural goatskin heads that are tightly fastened over the rim. Tuning is done using a tuning lamp or the natural sunlight. Boma Music offers a tuning lamp with dimmer on every order. You will have everything you need to tune, play, and enjoy your clay darbuka.

Our master luthiers create these clay darbukas with precision and care, and professionals worldwide highly value their expertise. They have produced highly sought-after clay darbukas that boast delicate ornaments and colours, making them both highly practical and ideal for any collection.

Boma Music will offer you the most affordable prices on all its instruments. We believe authenticity and quality should be accessible to all, and our store is dedicated to helping you achieve this. Buy with confidence and add the best clay darbuka to your collection today.