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11 PCS Professional Ebony Peg For Oud Boma-530

Looking to enhance the tuning stability of your Oud? Check out Boma's 11 PCS Professional Ebony Pegs for Oud. Our high-quality pegs are crafted with the needs of professional musicians in mind and are suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike. Order now and elevate the sound and performance of your Oud.

2 PCS Professional Ebony Peg For Oud Boma-529

Upgrade the sound of your Boma with our top-quality Ebony pegs for Oud. These sleek and durable pegs provide a firm grip for tuning and playing, making them perfect for both beginners and professionals. Order now and take your Boma performance to the next level.

6 X Professional Oud Risha Boma-531

Looking for high-quality Oud picks to enhance your professional music performance? Look no further than the 6 Professional Oud Risha Picks available on Boma's website. These picks provide a smooth and comfortable playing experience with great sound quality, helping you take your music to the next level. Order them today and start playing like a pro!

Arabic Electric Oud Boma-540

Looking for a high-quality Arabic Electric Oud? Look no further than Boma Music's. Crafted from Mahogany wood, this oud delivers authentic sound perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Arabic Handmade Walnut Oud Boma-538

Looking for a high-quality Oud that's perfect for beginners or seasoned pros? Look no further than the Arabic Handmade Walnut Oud from Boma. With its stunning design and exceptional tone, this instrument is the ideal choice for musicians of all levels. Plus, with added extras like extra strings and a plectrum, you'll have everything you need to get started right away!

Arabic Handmade Walnut Oud Boma-539

Discover the authentic sound of the Middle East with Boma's Arabic Handmade Walnut Oud. Handcrafted from premium materials, this durable and versatile instrument is perfect for musicians in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Syria, and the Levant region. Order now and experience the rich and traditional sound of the oud.

Arabic Handmade Walnut String Instrument Oud Ud Boma-536

Discover the exquisite Arabic Handmade Walnut String Instrument Oud Ud, exclusively available at Boma's online store. Expertly crafted with attention to detail, this oud produces a warm and resonate tone and comes complete with an extra set of strings, a plectrum, and a soft case. Order today and immerse yourself in the rich sounds of the Arabic oud.

Ebony Fingerboard For Oud Boma-533

Upgrade your Oud with Boma Music's exquisite Ebony Fingerboard. Made from dried Ebony wood for durability and longevity, this fingerboard offers a smooth and polished finish for a comfortable playing experience. Order now and take your music to the next level with Boma Music's exceptional quality musical instruments.

Gigbag Case For Arabic Oud Boma-535

Looking for a durable and spacious gigbag case for your beloved Arabic oud? Look no further than Boma's Gigbag Case for Arabic Oud! Made of high-quality materials and designed to provide maximum protection for your instrument, this case is a must-have accessory for any musician.

Gigbag For Oud Boma-534

Protect your oud with our durable and lightweight Gigbag. Made with high-quality materials, this padded bag ensures excellent protection for your instrument when you're on the move. Order your Boma Music Gigbag today and make sure your oud is always safe and secure!

Hard Case For Oud Boma-299

Protect your beloved Oud with Boma's Hard Case For Oud. This case is designed to provide ultimate protection for your instrument, ensuring it remains safe and undamaged while traveling or in storage. Invest in Boma's Hard Case For Oud and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Oud is protected at all times.

Leather Wallet For Oud Picks Boma-528

Introducing our Leather Wallet For Oud Picks, the perfect accessory for any Boma musician. Made of genuine leather, this wallet sleeve is not only luxurious but also built to last. Its practical features and timeless design make it a must-have for any aspiring Boma player. Shop now and take your music to the next level!

Maestro Oud MOUD-5 Boma-645

Boma Music offers the exquisite Maestro Oud crafted by expert luthier Mehmet Caymaz. With exceptional sound quality and accompanied by an extra set of strings, a plectrum, and a soft case, this Oud is the perfect addition to any musician's collection.

Maestro Oud MOUD-6 Boma-644

The Maestro Arabic Oud from Boma is an exceptional addition to any musician's collection. Crafted with a solid oleander wood bowl and a Canadian cedar face, this oud offers a smooth playing experience with its solid ebony fingerboard and pegs. Get ready for an exceptional musical journey with the Maestro Oud from Boma.

Oud Hard Case Boma-278

Protect your precious oud during travel with Boma's Oud Hard Case. Lightweight and waterproof, this durable case features cushioned suspension and zippered pockets for accessories, making it the perfect option for any oud player on the go.

Oud Hard Case Boma-298

Protect and transport your beloved Oud with ease using the Oud Half Hard Case. Lightweight and durable, this waterproof case is ideal for Arabic, Turkish, Syrian, and Iraqi style Ouds, and features suspension cushions to prevent damage. With shoulder straps and a solid handle, the is perfect for Boma players on the go.

Oud Stand Boma-308

Protect your beloved oud with the portable and foldable Oud Stand, available for purchase now on Boma's online shop. Made of high-quality wood, this stand is designed to keep your instrument safe and showcase its elegance on stage or in your room.

Padded Oud Gig Bag Case Boma-230

Protect your cherished Boma musical instrument with our Padded Oud Gig Bag Case. Made with high-quality materials and fashionable design, this bag case is the ultimate investment for any Boma player or enthusiast. It features a thick sponge, adjustable straps, lockable zippers, and rubber guard to ensure maximum protection and convenience when traveling. Order now and give your Boma the protection it deserves!

Premium Arabic Oud Boma-641

Boma Music invites you to experience the Premium Arabic Oud - a traditional string-instrument with supreme craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Purchase this exceptional instrument from our website and transport yourself to a different time and place with just a few notes.

Premium Arabic Oud Boma-642

Introducing our Premium Arabic Oud, a top-of-the-line musical instrument that is perfect for any discerning musician. Handcrafted by Sala, this

Premium Arabic Oud Boma-650

Looking for the perfect musical instrument to take your sound to the next level? Look no further than Boma Music's Premium Arabic Oud - expertly crafted from the finest materials for an unbeatable playing experience. With extra strings, a plectrum, and soft case included, order yours today and start making beautiful music.

Premium Kurschner Oud Strings Boma-660

Looking to upgrade your Boma playing experience? Look no further than the Premium Kurschner Oud Strings. Designed for optimal playability and tone, these strings are the perfect addition to your instrument. Order online now and elevate your Boma performance to the next level!

Professional Arabic Oud A2 Boma-657

Introducing our Professional Arabic Oud A2 by Boma - a high-quality oud crafted from carefully selected mahogany and maple wood, spruce face, and ebony components, delivering an authentic Arabic sound. This instrument is perfect for those looking to take their music to the next level. Order yours today and enjoy the warm, natural tones of Boma's handmade ouds.

Professional Arabic Oud A5 Boma-649

Looking for a high-quality Arabic oud to add to your collection? The Professional Arabic Oud A5 from Boma is crafted from premium materials, producing an authentic sound that's ideal for musicians across North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Syria, and the Levant region. Check out our selection of standard, special, and professional ouds to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Professional Arabic Oud Boma-643

Boma presents the ultimate Professional Arabic Oud A4 for musicians of all levels. Crafted from high-quality walnut wood, spruce face, and ebony pegs, this oud delivers an authentic Arabic sound that will elevate your musical journey. It comes with essential accessories and a soft case, making it a perfect choice for online shoppers worldwide.

Professional Oud Strings Arabic Syrian Tuning Pyramid Boma-656

Upgrade the sound of your professional oud with Pyramid strings, exclusively available at Boma Music. With over 50 years of experience crafting musical instrument strings, Pyramid ensures the highest quality for your musical performance. Order now and enjoy international delivery of these Arab Syrian tuning strings to enhance your musical talents.

Professional Oud Strings Arabic Syrian Tuning Pyramid Boma-664

Looking for top-quality Arabic oud strings? Look no further than Pyramid! Boma has got you covered with this carefully crafted package of 11 strings, perfect for achieving the romantic, rich sound and deep timbre that are so characteristic of the Arabic oud.

Professional Strings For Turkish Oud Kurschner 0.09 Boma-306

Looking to take your Turkish oud playing to the next level? Look no further than Boma Music! Our expertly crafted Turkish ouds and professional-grade strings are the perfect way to achieve that bright, striking sound you've been searching for. Order online today and experience the quality of Boma Music for yourself.

Professional Turtle Pick Risha Plectrum For Oud Boma-663

Discover the perfect pick for achieving an authentic oud sound with the Professional Turtle Pick Risha Plectrum from Boma Music. Made from tortoise ties, this heavy pick is the ideal choice for rhythmical playing and tremolo techniques. Order now for worldwide delivery.

Special Strings For Arabic F F Oud DEEP-F Boma-661

Looking for a high-quality set of strings that are perfect for your Arabic F F Oud? Look no further than Boma's Special Strings For Arabic F F Oud DEEP-F. Handmade in Turkey for unbeatable quality, these strings provide an authentic sound and comfortable playability that's perfect for any musician. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

Special Strings For Arabic Oud DEEP-C Boma-659

Looking to enhance your Boma playing experience? Look no further than our handmade Special Strings for Arabic Oud DEEP-C! With their superior quality and performance, these strings offer deep tones and comfortable playability for an authentic sound that will elevate any performance. Made in Turkey and sold online globally, these strings are sure to make your Boma playing stand out from the rest.

Unique Arabic Oud UNQ-6 By Miras Boma-648

Get ready to experience the beauty of music with the Unique Arabic Oud UNQ-6 by Miras Lute, exclusively available at Boma. Crafted from natural materials and offering comfortable playability, this oud is the perfect addition to any musician's collection.

Unique Turkish Oud UNQ-5 By Miras Boma-647

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Miras with the Unique Turkish Oud, now available on Boma. Made with the finest carob and cedar wood and polished with shellac, this oud offers comfortable playability and a natural sound that cannot be achieved with synthetic materials. Order yours today and experience the beauty of traditional Turkish oud making.

Welcome to Boma Music, where music enthusiasts can find the finest collection of musical instruments. Among our diverse collection, our wide range of Arabic ouds stand out for their romantic and rich sound. The Arabic oud, with its deep timbre and thick soundbox, is widely considered the most popular type of oud used today in countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

We offer a variety of Arabic ouds that are made of high-quality materials such as walnut and mahogany for the bowl, with ebony fingerboards and tuning pegs, ensuring top-notch and long-lasting sound quality. Our collection caters to a wide audience, starting from beginner standard ouds to expertly crafted professional and special ouds that will tantalize any musician.

Our diverse selection of Arabic ouds also includes different types of strings such as four courses, five courses (the most common type), and eleven strings arranged in five courses with a final course of a single string. Our 13-string expertly crafted special Arabic oud by the talented luthier Mehmet Caymaz is a standout piece and quite comfortable to play, offering an unparalleled musical experience.

At Boma Music, we aim to offer our customers the best shopping experience. Our Arabic ouds are available at various price ranges based on your playing style, preference, and budget. Our handmade Arabic ouds are aesthetically pleasing and offer a unique sound quality that is unmatched.

The origins of the Arabic oud date back to Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations, as evidenced in tombs dating back to the 16th century BC. The current structure of the oud is preserved for around a thousand years with minimal changes over time. Boma Music takes pride in providing music enthusiasts with the opportunity to own a piece of history and continue with a long and storied tradition.

In conclusion, Boma Music offers a unique and wide range of Arabic ouds to cater to any musician’s preference. Our website user interface is user-friendly, with a responsive customer service team ready to answer your inquiries promptly. Our high-quality Arabic ouds promise to elevate your playing and musical experience, and we strive to offer the best quality Arabic ouds at reasonable prices. Explore our collection today and find the perfect Arabic oud to add to your musical instruments’ collection.