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10x Risha For Oud Or Cumbus Boma-526

Looking for high-quality rishas for your oud or cumbus? Boma Music's set of 10 rishas offers both beginner and experienced players the options they need for optimal playability and comfort. Order now and perfect your risha technique with our recommended techniques and fine picks.

Left Hand Turkish Electric Oud Boma-524

Looking for a high-quality Left Hand Turkish Electric Oud? Check out the OUDE 4L from Boma Music! Built from top-notch materials and including everything you need to get started, this amazing electric oud is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced players. Order now and experience the unbeatable value and performance that only Boma Music can provide!

Padded Electric Oud Gig Bag Case Boma-523

Looking for the perfect protection for your electric oud? Look no further than our Padded Electric Oud Gig Bag Case, designed with high-quality materials and sturdy construction to keep your instrument safe and secure during transportation. Invest in the ultimate in protection and style for your Boma electric oud today.

Professional Arabic Electric Oud Boma-670

Looking for a top-quality electric oud for your musical needs? Look no further than the Professional Arabic Electric Oud from Boma! With its expert craftsmanship, rich sound, and helpful accessories, this oud is perfect for musicians of all levels. Don't miss out - order yours today!

Professional Arabic Electric Oud Boma-674

Introducing our top-of-the-line Professional Arabic Electric Oud by Boma – a masterful instrument that guarantees a captivating performance. With its rich mahogany bowl, spruce face, and high-quality pyramid strings, this Oud produces an exquisite sound that is sure to impress. Ideal for intermediate and advanced players, order now and experience the pure delight of playing the Oud.

Professional Arabic Electric Oud Boma-677

Boma Music presents the Professional Arabic Electric Oud, an exceptional instrument for musicians of all levels. With top-notch features including a mahogany bowl, spruce face, ebony fingerboard, bridge, and pegs, this electric oud delivers superior sound quality. Complete with extra strings, a plectrum, and a soft case for easy storage, the is the perfect addition to your musical collection.

Professional Arabic Electric Oud Boma-678

Unleash your musical talent with our Professional Arabic Electric Oud OUDE EA5, crafted from premium-quality materials for outstanding acoustic performance. Shop confidently with Boma Music, your trusted online source for top-quality musical instruments and accessories.

Professional Turkish Electric Oud Boma-669

Looking for a high-quality electric oud? Look no further than Boma! Our Professional Turkish Electric Oud is handcrafted with top-quality materials and provides a comfortable playing experience for any musician. Order yours today and take your music to the next level!

Professional Turtle Pick Risha Plectrum For Oud Boma-663

Discover the perfect pick for achieving an authentic oud sound with the Professional Turtle Pick Risha Plectrum from Boma Music. Made from tortoise ties, this heavy pick is the ideal choice for rhythmical playing and tremolo techniques. Order now for worldwide delivery.

Special Electric Oud Boma-668

Looking for an exceptional electric Oud? Look no further than Boma Music, the premier online destination for high-quality musical instruments. With the PROUD-4, you'll experience the perfect combination of traditional and modern playing experiences. Made with top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this innovative instrument is a must-have for any musician.

Turkish Electric Oud Boma-673

Introducing the Boma Turkish Electric Oud, an exceptional instrument crafted from high-quality walnut wood. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts, this oud boasts outstanding sound quality and a versatile Fishman Equalizer. With easy tuning adjustments, extra strings, and a soft case for storage and transport, the Boma Turkish Electric Oud is perfect for gigs, recordings, or practice sessions. Order now and experience the soothing and captivating sounds of this premium musical instrument.

Turkish Electric Oud Boma-679

Looking for a high-quality electric oud that's perfect for musicians on the go? Look no further than Boma's Turkish Electric Oud! Crafted from durable mahogany wood and equipped with mechanical pegs for easy tuning, this silent oud is a must-have for any music lover. Plus, with additional strings, a plectrum, and a soft case included with your purchase, you'll have everything you need to make beautiful music wherever you go. Order your Boma Turkish Electric Oud today!

Turkish Professional Electric Oud Boma-665

Looking for a high-quality Turkish electric Oud? Check out Boma Music's Turkish Professional Electric Oud OUDE #4. With a walnut bowl, spruce face, and ebony fingerboard, this Oud is impressive both in terms of appearance and sound. Plus, our extra strings, plectrum, and soft cover make it easy for you to get started right away. Order now for the best possible instrument!

Turkish Professional Electric Oud Boma-667

Looking for a high-quality electric oud? Boma Music has got you covered with the Turkish Professional Electric Oud OUDE #3, complete with a durable maple bowl, spruce face, and ebony fingerboard. Order now and receive a free case, extra strings, and plectrum to start making beautiful music right away!

Turkish Professional Electric Oud Boma-671

Looking for a premium quality electric oud? Look no further than the Turkish Professional Electric Oud from Boma. Crafted with a mahogany bowl and spruce face, this exceptional instrument boasts a warm, rich tone and smooth playing experience. Plus, with extra strings and a case included, it's the perfect choice for skilled musicians whether performing on stage or recording in the studio.

Turkish Professional Electric Oud Boma-672

The Boma website offers the stunning Turkish Professional Electric Oud for sale, perfect for musicians of all skill levels. Crafted with high-quality materials and exceptional sound quality, this electric oud comes with extra strings, a plectrum, and a softcase for easy storage and protection.

Turkish Professional Half Electric Oud Boma-666

Looking for an exquisite Turkish Professional Half Electric Oud? Look no further than Boma Music! Our top-quality oud is perfect for musicians who love playing art and folk music, featuring a beautiful design and craftsmanship that truly stand out. Enjoy playing your oud in acoustic or electric mode, and take it with you wherever you go with our bonus accessories. Order now and experience the beauty and quality of Boma Music!

Welcome to Boma Music, where we pride ourselves in offering the best quality musical instruments globally, including our collection of Electric Ouds. The popularity of the oud continues to rise rapidly globally, driven by its superior sound quality and unique designs that are appreciated by music enthusiasts and artists alike. Our mission is to cater to the dynamic needs of oud performers worldwide, and to achieve this, we offer an extensive range of electric oud models for both beginner and professional oud performers.

The oud is a king of string instruments popular in various regions globally. We offer an array of Turkish, Arabic, and Syrian ouds specifically designed for performance features. Whether you are looking for professional Arabic electric ouds or Syrian professional electric ouds, you can find what you need on our website. Our electric ouds also feature rich timbre, adjustable volume, and silent modes, making them perfect for contemporary oud performers on the go.

As Turkey’s leading traditional musical instrument company, we manufacture all our electric ouds with the best quality materials and tune them according to the eleven-string system. We use Pyramid, the leading oud string brand to ensure quality and provide extra strings with every purchase. Additionally, we ensure that every electric oud comes with a plectrum and a soft case for portability and protection.

We offer a wide range of electric ouds, including the Turkish professional half-cut electric oud, that are compact and have a unique design, perfect for those seeking a more innovative design. Our slightly lower-tuned Arabic electric ouds have beautiful walnut bowls and bone rosettes, while the Syrian professional electric oud have mahogany bowls and spruce faces. All our electric oud models feature state-of-the-art electric accessories that meet the evolving needs of oud performers globally.

In conclusion, invest in the best quality electric ouds available in the market by shopping at Boma Music, where quality is a priority. We have something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned oud performer. Take your oud performance to the next level with our extensive range of electric and traditional ouds. Take advantage of our reasonable prices for the best quality instruments on the market.