5 Packages Tanbour Dotar Strings Boma-436

Boma Music offers a high-quality 5 package set of strings for Tanbour or Dotar instruments. Our strings come in a variety of colors and sizes, ensuring optimal sound for all of your musical needs. Shop with us online and experience the best in musical instrument supplies.

Dotar String Instrument Boma-433

Experience the beautiful sound of the Persian Dotar, hand-crafted with high-quality mulberry and walnut wood by skilled craftsmen. At Boma, we offer the best value on unique and authentic dotar instruments, complete with a soft case and extra strings included with your purchase. Shop now on our international website and bring the sounds of traditional Iran to your music.

High Quality Dotar String Instrument Boma-434

Looking for an authentic Persian Dotar instrument? Boma Music has got you covered with our high-quality model, crafted by skilled artisans and carefully designed to produce a unique metallic timbre. With a soft case and extra strings included, it's the perfect investment for Persian music enthusiasts or anyone looking to experiment with new sounds.

Tanboor Dutar Strings Boma-435

Looking for high-quality Tanboor or Dutar strings? Boma Music has got you covered with our package including two red and four white strings that are made of the best quality materials! Buy our strings now and experience the difference in sound quality.

Boma Music is a one-stop-shop for music lovers and professionals worldwide. We offer high-quality handcrafted musical instruments, including the famous Persian Dotar instrument. The Dotar is a long-necked lute that is found mainly in the Khorasan region of Persia. The name Dotar is derived from the two strings that are struck by the fingers of the right hand during a performance. It is usually played with poetry and is famous for its unique sound and metallic timbre.

At Boma Music, we take pride in providing only the best quality instruments to our customers. Our Dotars are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using mulberry and walnut wood, making them durable and sturdy. They have 14 frets arranged chromatically, which means they offer a full range of notes. We also offer Dotars with three-quarter-tone intervals for those interested in Eastern Khorasan music.

We guarantee that purchasing a Dotar from Boma Music is the best decision you can make. We offer value for money on all our products, and our Dotars are no exception. Every instrument is unique, of high quality and guaranteed to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Whether you are an experienced musician or just starting, the Dotar is an original and inspiring choice.

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