9 Kharak Santoor – Char Khat Boma-402

Shop the exquisite 9 Kharak Santoor - Char Khat from Boma Music and experience the distinct sound and unique charm of this traditional Persian string instrument. Crafted from high-quality walnut wood and designed to produce G-scale, our Santoor is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Buy now and enjoy free worldwide shipping!

Adjustable Stand For Santoor Boma-401

Elevate your Santoor playing experience with the Adjustable Stand For Santoor DSS-4 by Boma. This stand is designed to fit all 9 bridge Santoor models and has a collapsible design for easy transport and storage. Invest in this portable and efficient product to take your musical performances to the next level.

Both Side Steel Strings Santoor Boma-400

Looking for a high-quality Santoor for your musical needs? Look no further than Boma's Both Side Steel Strings Santoor made by renowned maker Sadeghi with a resonant sound of walnut wood. Order now and get everything you need to start making beautiful music right away, including a hard case, extra strings, hammers, and a tuning wrench.

Gigbag Case For Santoor Boma-398

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Hard Case For Santoor Boma-741

Protect your Persian santoor with the Half Hard Case from Boma Music. This lightweight and waterproof case ensures the perfect workmanship and features two big pockets for accessories and music sheets. Shop now and enjoy secure, safe and convenient transportation of your beloved instrument.

High Quality Santoor Boma-744

Looking for a high-quality Persian santoor? Look no further than Boma's, crafted by renowned santoor maker Hamid Mousavi. With premium walnut wood and a rich, warm sound, this instrument is perfect for both professional players and beginners alike. Order now and experience the beauty of Persian santoor for yourself.

LA Tuning Santoor Boma-751

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Learning Book For Santoor Boma-756

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Padded Santoor Gig Bag Case Boma-746

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Painted 9 Kharak Santoor Boma-752

Looking for a high-quality and visually stunning Santoor? Look no further than the Painted 9 Kharak Santoor by Sadeghi, now available for purchase on Boma's online store. Featuring a 2 Mohr tuning in G-Scale, this instrument is perfect for professional and beginner musicians alike. With a hard case, extra strings, and tuning wrench included, you'll have everything you need to create beautiful music. Order now and experience Sadeghi's craftsmanship for yourself, only on Boma.

Professional 12 Kharak Santoor Boma-755

Boma Music offers a stunning 12 Kharak Persian Santoor crafted by renowned maker Sadeghi. With its exquisite walnut wood and impressive strings, this santoor is the perfect investment for any musician seeking precision and finesse. Accompanied by a hard case and extra strings, Boma Music ensures only the highest quality musical instruments reach your hands.

Professional 14 Kharak (Bridge) Santoor Boma-745

Looking for a high-quality santoor to add to your collection? Look no further than Boma's Professional 14 Kharak (Bridge) Santoor. Crafted from the finest walnut wood and featuring 14 bridges, this instrument is sure to impress any musician. Order now and receive a hard case, extra strings, two hammers, and a tuning wrench to ensure you're ready to play right away.

Professional Bass Santoor Boma-758

Looking for a high-quality, professional-grade Bass Santoor? Look no further than Boma! Our is crafted from the finest walnut wood and offers incredible sound quality and durability. Plus, with its included hard case and extra accessories, it's the perfect choice for any serious musician or enthusiast. Order yours today and experience the Boma difference!

Professional Double Side Sadeghi Santoor Boma-761

Looking to take your motrebi music to the next level? Check out Boma's Professional Double Side Sadeghi Santoor! Handmade with high-quality walnut wood and featuring double-sided tuning for maximum melodic potential, this top-notch instrument is perfect for musicians of all levels. Order now and transport yourself to another world with the beautiful, sharp sound of the Boma santoor.

Professional Hard Case For Santoor’s Mezrab Boma-757

Looking for a reliable and stylish case to protect your Persian Santur's mezrab? Check out Boma Music's Professional Hard Case for Santoor's Mezrab! Designed with durability and functionality in mind, our wooden case guarantees to keep your instrument safe and secure during transport or storage. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your mezrab is protected!

Professional Mezrab For Santoor Boma-747

Introducing the Professional Mezrab for Santoor by Sadeghi, exclusively available on Boma. This exceptional hammer is crafted from durable walnut wood and features pre-installed felt for an unparalleled playing experience. Elevate your Santoor skills with this essential tool, now available for international shipping on Boma.

Professional Mezrab For Santoor Boma-749

Elevate your music with Boma's exquisite Professional Mezrab for Santoor, expertly crafted by Sadeghi. Made with beautiful walnut wood and installed with felt for a smooth playing experience, this must-have accessory is perfect for musicians of all levels. Order now and experience the rich tones of your santoor like never before.

Professional Mezrab For Santoor With Hard Case Boma-760

Upgrade your santoor playing experience with the top-quality Professional Mezrab by Azar, now available on Boma Music's online store. Expertly crafted with beautiful walnut wood and a felt lining for easy installation, this mezrab is recommended by renowned player Ardavan Kamkar. Get yours today with a durable hard case for safe transport.

Professional Santoor With Hard Case Boma-767

Looking for a top-quality Professional Santoor? Look no further than Boma, your one-stop-shop for musical instruments. Our exquisite Professional Santoor is crafted from premium quality Walnut wood, boasts a G-scale, and comes with everything you need to get started on your musical journey, including a hard case to protect your instrument, extra strings, two hammers, and a tuning wrench. Order now and experience the joy of playing this exceptional musical instrument.

Santoor Bronze Strings Boma-765

Upgrade the sound of your musical instrument with Santoor Bronze Strings, now available on Boma Music's website. With a thickness of 0.40, these high-quality strings provide a warm and rich tone, perfect for musicians of all levels. Purchase now and take your music to the next level with Boma Music!

Santoor By Azar Boma-736

Looking for a high-quality santoor to create beautiful melodies? Look no further than Boma Music! Our Azar Santoor is made from high-quality walnut and produces 27 different notes, perfect for any musician looking to create captivating music. With our dropshipping service, it's easy to receive your instrument wherever you are in the world.

Santoor Strings Boma-763

Looking for premium quality Santoor strings to elevate your musical performance? Boma Music has got you covered! Our long-lasting and melodious Santoor strings offer the perfect tone for any musician, beginner, or professional. Browse through our website today and experience the harmony like never before!

Santoor With Hard Case Boma-759

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Santur Strings Boma-764

Looking for top-quality Persian Santoor strings? Look no further than Boma Music! Our 72 high-quality strings are crafted with premium materials, providing exceptional durability and longevity for your Santoor. Order today and make beautiful music with Boma's Persian Santoor Strings.

Santur Strings Boma-766

Upgrade your Boma Santoor with Santur Strings, designed to produce clear and crisp sounds that enhance your musical experience. Our high-quality white strings come in sets, perfect for fully equipping your instrument for your next performance or practice session. Order now and enjoy the best sound quality for your Boma Santoor!

Special 12 Kharak Santoor By Sadeghi Boma-738

Experience the beauty of Persian music with Boma Music's Special 12 Kharak Santoor handcrafted by Sadeghi. Made with high-quality walnut wood and decorated with intricate Khatam and Moragh, this Santoor comes with a hard case, extra strings, hammers, and a tuning wrench. Buy online and enjoy the joy of playing Persian music.

Special 9 Bridge Santoor Boma-739

Introducing Boma Music's Special 9 Bridge Santoor, handcrafted by Sadeghi using 50-year-old wood and featuring three Mohrs for unparalleled quality. This G-Scale Santoor delivers a breathtaking sound that can be easily enjoyed and transported with its compact design, hard case, extra strings, hammers, and tuning wrench. Order yours today and experience the beauty of Boma Music's finest Santoor.

Special 9 Bridges Santoor Boma-740

Introducing our masterfully crafted Special 9 Bridges Persian Santoor made by the renowned maker, Hamid Mousavi. With its exceptional sound quality and 40-year-old dried wood construction, the Boma Santoor is a work of art that will transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. Order now and enjoy the ultimate musical experience!

Special Hard Case For Santoor Mezrab Boma-742

Introducing our new Hard Case for Santoor Mezrab Maker, Boma! This durable and protective case is crafted with high-quality materials to prevent scratches, dents, and other types of damage. Order Boma online today and keep your Santoor's Mezrab Maker safe and secure during transportation and storage.

Special Santoor With Mandals Latches Boma-754

Looking for an exceptional musical instrument that offers both high-quality sound and visual beauty? Look no further than the Special Santoor With Mandals Latches. Crafted from carefully selected walnut wood, this santoor boasts 9 finely tuned kharak for an unparalleled sound experience. Add it to your world music collection by placing an order with Boma today.

Special Santoor With Ravan Kook Boma-743

Introducing the Special Santoor With Ravan Kook from Boma Music, expertly crafted by Davoud Shirazi. Our high-quality Persian Santoor instrument features a walnut wood body and renowned Ravan Kook system, producing a rich, authentic sound that is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Order now and take the first step towards becoming a Santoor master.

Special Santoor With Ravan Kook Boma-750

Looking to master Persian classical music? Look no further than Boma's Special Santoor With Ravan Kook. Crafted by skilled artisan Davoud Shirazi, this exquisite Santoor delivers easy tuning and beautiful sound. Plus, with Ravan Kook technology and a 1-year guarantee, this instrument is perfect for all levels of musicians.

Stand For Santoor Boma-735

Looking for a reliable and stylish stand to enhance your Persian Santoor playing experience? Look no further than the Stand for Santoor from Boma - the perfect addition to your home or studio setup.

Tuning Wrench Key For Santoor Boma-762

Looking to tune your Santoor with precision? Look no further than Boma's Tuning Wrench Key for Santoor! Our high-quality tool offers a sturdy grip and accurate adjustments, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Elevate your music game to the next level and purchase your Boma Tuning Wrench today.

Video Tutorial Training Santoor DVD Boma-737

Learn how to play the Persian Santoor with Boma Music's comprehensive Video Tutorial Training Santoor DVD. With step-by-step instructions in Farsi, this DVD is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. Buy now and start playing classic Persian songs and improvising your own melodies with confidence!

Persian Santoor instruments have been gaining popularity globally, with enthusiasts immersing themselves in the beautiful notes credited to the instrument. The santoor originated in Persia over 3500 years ago with roots in Babylonian and neo-Assyrian music. Employing two delicate light hammers to produce the unique musical blend of sharp and melodic sounds, the instrument plays an important part in traditional Iranian orchestra and motrebi music for entertainment.

Persian santoor instruments feature 27 different notes that deliver sharp, attractive sounds full of harmonics. Brass is used to create the bass strings while the trebles are made of steel, and the trapezoidal case that houses these strings is a beautiful sight. The beautiful craftsmanship of the Persian santoor, from the luxurious walnut wood to the metal wrest-pins, is a testament to the master santoor makers who create them, such as Ekberi, Sadeghi, and Azar.

For those who enjoy a different tuning variation of the santoor, Boma Music also offers Indian Santoor that shares similar form with varying tunings. Boma guarantees unparalleled quality in every santoor instrument sold on our platform. We take pride in providing santoor enthusiasts with the best of the best when it comes to quality, sound, and craftsmanship.

In summary, Persian Santoor instruments are beautiful, ethereal, and melodic music tools. One cannot help but feel transported to a different dimension while listening to the entrancing notes of the santoor. Get the best selection of Santoor instruments online only at Boma Music, the music shop of choice for enthusiasts all over the world. Experience the wonder of santoor today; shop Boma and get the best value for your investment.