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Bow For Black Sea Kemence Boma-361

Enhance the sound quality of your Black Sea Kemence with the bow from Boma Music. Made with high-quality horse hair, this 55 cm bow is the perfect accessory for any musician looking to take their playing to the next level. Order now and create beautiful music with ease!

Bow For Kabak Kemane Boma-370

Introducing our Bow for Kabak Kemane, a top-quality accessory for Turkish music enthusiasts worldwide. Made with precision and care, this 68cm horse hair bow produces exceptional sound quality and is the perfect accompaniment to our Kabak Kemane music instrument. Join Boma's community of musicians and order yours today for an unforgettable playing experience!

Bow For Yayli Tanbur Boma-346

Introducing the bow from Boma Music, the perfect accessory for any Yayli Tanbur enthusiast. With its high-quality horse hair and exceptional sound, this ergonomically designed bow is a fantastic addition to any musician's collection. Order with confidence from our online store.

Padded Black Sea Kemence Gig Bag Case Boma-360

Introducing the Padded Black Sea Kemence Gig Bag Case by Boma - the perfect case to keep your Kemence instrument safe and secure while travelling or performing.

Padded Kabak Kemane Gig Bag Case Boma-368

Protect your valuable Kabak Kemane with Boma's Padded Gig Bag Case. It's fashionable, waterproof, and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for everyday use.

Padded Turkish Tanbur Gig Bag Case Boma-347

The Padded Turkish Tanbur Gig Bag Case by Boma offers exceptional protection with its thick sponge padding and waterproof design. Convenient pockets and comfortable carrying options make it an ideal choice for traveling with your Tanbur. Trust Boma's commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials to keep your beloved instrument safe and secure.

Professional Kabak Kemane Boma-367

Discover the exquisite beauty of Boma's Professional Kabak Kemane HKK-166. This remarkable instrument, expertly crafted in Turkey, features a stunning pumpkin bowl and comes with a bow, rosin, and a soft case for immediate playing. Elevate your playing with the best Kabak Kemane available and order yours today, available for international delivery on our website.

Professional Turkish Black Sea Kemence Boma-362

Looking for an authentic and professional Turkish Black Sea Kemence? Look no further than Boma! Our Kemence is made from high-quality wood and comes with all the accessories you need to get started playing this unique and melancholic instrument. Order now and experience the rich heritage of northern Anatolian music.

Professional Turkish Yayli Tanbur Boma-349

Introducing the Boma Professional Turkish Yayli Tanbur - a high-quality instrument crafted from premium materials to deliver exceptional sound quality and longevity. Perfectly suited for both beginners and professionals, this impressive instrument is available for purchase on our website for international delivery.

Soft Case For Turkish Black Sea Kemence Boma-359

Looking to keep your Turkish Black Sea Kemence safe and secure during transportation? Our Soft Case for the Boma is crafted from high-quality materials, providing excellent protection for your instrument. Order online today and trust in the durability and reliability of our Soft Case to keep your Boma in pristine condition.

Soft Case For Turkish Yayli Tanbur Boma-351

Looking for a high-quality case to protect your Turkish Yayli Tanbur during transport and storage? Look no further than Boma's Soft Case For Turkish Yayli Tanbur. Crafted specifically to fit the shape of your instrument, this lightweight and easy-to-carry case provides maximum protection thanks to its durable outer material and soft interior lining. Order now and enjoy peace of mind when you're on the go.

Special Classical Kemence Boma-363

Looking for a soulful and melancholic Kemence to add to your collection? Look no further than Boma Music's Special Classical Kemence. Handmade by expert craftsmen in Turkey, this high-quality instrument is sure to impress with its stunning sound and beautiful design. Shop now on our website and experience the best in classical Turkish music.

Special Kabak Kemane Boma-366

Looking for a high-quality Kabak Kemane? Look no further than Boma Music! Our Special Kabak Kemane is made from only the finest materials and comes complete with everything you need to get started. Order now and experience the unbeatable quality and craftsmanship!

Special Turkish Yayli Tanbur Boma-350

Experience the exceptional sound quality and stunning design of the Turkish Yayli Tanbur, exclusively available on Boma's online store. Handcrafted with premium materials, this masterpiece is perfect for both musicians and enthusiasts looking to elevate their passion for music. Order now and take the first step towards your musical journey!

Turkish Black Sea Kemence With Bow Boma-357

Introducing the Turkish Black Sea Kemence - a unique instrument that captures the essence of Anatolian culture. Boma offers this distinctive Kemence online, complete with a soft case, bow, extra string set, and rosin, making it easy for musicians around the world to explore the melancholic yet beautiful tones produced by this traditional Black Sea instrument.

Turkish Cumbus Yayli Tanbur By Zeynel Abidin Boma-353

Boma Music offers the exquisite Turkish Cumbus Yayli Tanbur crafted by renowned maker Cumbus. With premium quality aluminum body and sleek design, this musical instrument provides a resonant sound that will leave your audience captivated. Shop now and have it dropshipped to your doorstep – perfect for aspiring musicians worldwide.

Turkish Kabak Kemane Strings Boma-364

Looking for premium quality strings for your Kabak Kemane instrument? Look no further than Boma, where we offer authentic Turkish Kabak Kemane Strings that are designed for an authentic and traditional sound. Install easily and enjoy long-lasting and reliable performances. Order now and experience the rich sounds of our Turkish Kabak Kemane Strings, available for international shipping on our website.

Turkish Kemence Of The Black Sea With Bow Boma-356

Looking to enhance your collection of musical instruments? Look no further than the Turkish Black Sea Kemence from Boma. This expertly crafted instrument offers an unparalleled sound with its Spruce face and Mulberry bowl. Plus, with a softcase, bow, extra string set, and Rosin included with your purchase, you'll have everything you need to start playing right away! Order now and experience the magic of Boma's Kemence for yourself.

Turkish Kemence Strings Black Sea Boma-358

Looking for a traditional and soulful sound? Look no further than Boma's exceptional Turkish Kemence Strings Black Sea. Produced by skilled Kemence makers using quality mulberry or juniper wood, this instrument is sure to move and delight listeners with its rich sound. Order yours today from our international online shop!

Turkish Tanbur Stand Boma-352

Looking for a reliable and durable stand for your Turkish Tanbur? Boma has got you covered with our Turkish Tanbur Stand. Made of high-quality wood, this stand accommodates all Tanbur sizes to ensure a secure fit throughout your performance or practice sessions. Order now and enjoy worldwide shipping from our online store!

Welcome to Boma Music, your ultimate destination for high-quality Turkish Bowed Instruments. We take pride in offering a wide variety of instruments such as the Kabak Kemane, Kemence, Yayli Tanbur, and Classical Kemence, which are essential to the performance of Turkish classical and folk music.

When it comes to Turkish Bowed Instruments, the Kabak Kemane stands out as an exceptional instrument with a unique design that includes a belly of skin, strings, and a bow. This spike fiddle has a distinctive, haunting sound that can also be soothing. On the other hand, the Yayli Tanbur, the bowed version of the traditional Turkish Tanbur, has a vocal range of three octaves, making it a versatile instrument for different types of music.

In addition, our collection includes the Classical Kemence, an instrument with a bright and lively sound that is commonly used in Turkish classical music. If you are interested in Black Sea Region’s music, the Karadeniz kemençe, or Black Sea kemençe, may be the perfect fit, as it is a variation of the classical kemenche that is used specifically in playing the region’s music.

At Boma Music, we take pride in the fact that all of our Turkish Bowed Instruments are hand-made and constructed by masters who are passionate about their craft. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician.

You can visit our store in Istanbul, or simply browse through our website to find an instrument that inspires you. We offer the best customer experience to ensure that you find the perfect instrument that meets your needs. Shop with us today and discover the beauty and intricacy of Turkish Bowed Instruments!