Adjustable Bendir Stand Boma-584

Introducing our Adjustable Bendir Stand, the perfect solution to showcase your 35-60 cm bendir or frame drum. Our Boma stand is designed with soft foam arms and backrest to ensure your precious instrument stays protected from scratches.

Padded Bendir Gig Bag Case Boma-588

Looking for a dependable way to transport your Boma safely? Look no further than our Padded Bendir Gig Bag Case, designed to protect and stylishly store your instrument, wherever you may take it.

Premium Quality Tunable Turkish Bendir Boma-582

Looking for a premium quality tunable Bendir? Look no further than Boma Music. Our 15-year dried beech wood Bendir boasts an internal Allen tuning system, hand-selected goat skin head, and comes in three sizes perfect for any musical need. Order yours today and experience the exceptional craftsmanship and sound that only Boma Music can offer.

Premium Quality Tunable Turkish Bendir Boma-599

Elevate your traditional Turkish music with the Premium Quality Tunable Turkish Bendir from Boma. Crafted from 15 years dried Beech wood and featuring an internal Allen tuning system, this bendir promises an authentic sound that you can easily adjust. Order now and receive a soft case and tuning key for easy maintenance and transport.

Professional Light Tunable Bendir Boma-581

Discover the exceptional Professional Light Tunable Bendir, expertly handcrafted by Boma for musicians of all skill levels. With its unique Synthetic Fiber Head, internal tuning system, and ergonomic design, this Bendir produces a natural deep sound and guarantees consistent quality in any environment. Order now and experience the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled sound of Boma's exceptional musical instrument.

Professional Tunable Bendir Boma-551

Looking for a high-quality, hand-made bendir that captures the essence of traditional music? Look no further than Boma's Professional Tunable Bendir. Crafted from durable hornbeam wood and featuring an internal tuning system, this versatile instrument is perfect for professional musicians. Order yours today and experience the beauty of traditional music!

Professional Tunable Deep Bendir Boma-602

Introducing our Professional Tunable Deep Bendir, expertly crafted from the durable hornbeam wood and featuring an internal tuning system for customized sounds. With a synthetic fiber head that maintains consistent performances, this must-have instrument measures 40 cm in diameter and comes with a soft case and tuning wrench. Elevate your musical performance with Boma's impeccable quality and order your Professional Tunable Deep Bendir today!

Professional Tunable Deep Shell Bendir Boma-579

Introducing the Professional Tunable Deep Shell Bendir by Boma - an exquisite handcrafted instrument with an unparalleled deep sound. Made from durable hornbeam and genuine goat skin, adjusting the sound and tension of the drum has never been easier with the internal tuning system. Get yours today and experience authentic sound and top-notch workmanship, exclusively available online at Boma's website.

Professional Turkish Bendir By Emin Percussion Boma-592

Looking for a high-quality Turkish Bendir Drum? Look no further than Boma Music's inventory of musical instruments. Our Professional Turkish Bendir Drum by Emin Percussion boasts premium Mahogany Wood and delivers an authentic and resonant sound that's perfect for live performances or studio recordings. Order yours today and experience the vibrant sounds of Turkish music.

Professional Turkish Bendir By Emin Percussion Boma-593

Looking for a high-quality professional Bendir drum? Check out the Professional Turkish Bendir by Emin Percussion, crafted from mahogany wood and featuring a synthetic skin for an authentic sound. Lightweight and compact, it comes with a gig bag case for easy transportation. Available for purchase at Boma, your trusted online source for musical instruments.

Tunable Frame Drum Small Pezhvak Boma-595

Looking for a high-quality tunable frame drum for your musical needs? Look no further than Hapa's Tunable Frame Drum Small Pezhvak, handcrafted with precision and care for the perfect sound every time. Purchase now from Boma's online store and elevate your percussion game today.

Tunable Turkish Professional Bendir Boma-589

Discover the harmonious sounds of traditional Turkish music with our Tunable Turkish Professional Bendir, expertly crafted from high-quality walnut wood by Boma. This unique bendir features a synthetic head that produces a rich, resonant sound that will transport you to the streets of Istanbul. Order today and experience the magic of Boma's exceptional musical instruments.

Turkish Bendir Boma-601

Boma Music offers the Turkish Bendir, a high-quality traditional instrument for Turkish music enthusiasts. Crafted from durable Hornbeam wood with synthetic skin, this drum promises exceptional sound quality and durability. Order now and receive a soft case for safe storage and transportation.

Turkish Professional Bendir Boma-583

Looking for a high-quality Turkish Bendir to add to your collection? Boma Music has got you covered with our exquisite Turkish Professional Bendir! Crafted with durable walnut wood and fitted with a synthetic head, this bendir is designed to produce authentic Turkish music. Order now and benefit from our hassle-free online shopping experience!

Turkish Zilli Bendir Boma-594

Looking for an authentic Zilli Bendir? Look no further than Boma Music! Our model is perfect for musicians of all levels, with a synthetic head, hornbeam wood body, and included soft case and tuning key for on-the-go jam sessions. Order yours today and experience the unique sound of Turkish music with Boma.

If you are a fan of traditional Turkish music, then you have definitely heard of the Turkish Bendirs. These staple instruments produce a mesmerizing sound, and at Boma Music, we are proud to offer the most exceptional quality Bendirs on the market.

Our Turkish Bendirs are crafted to perfection by master makers, ensuring that each drum is of professional-grade quality. We understand that the skin and rim are crucial components in producing the best sound possible, which is why we offer Bendirs with either high-quality animal skin or durable plastic heads along with sturdy walnut or mahogany rims.

At Boma Music, we also offer a wide assortment of Bendirs with or without jingles to add more depth to your musical arrangements. Additionally, our range of Moroccan drum types, such as Bas Bendir, Udem, and Erbane, can add a unique style and sound to your performance.

Tuning your Bendir is a breeze with our internal or external tuning systems. Our Auger Adjustment system and External Allen system provide you with an array of options to ensure that the sound is tailored to your taste and preference.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, Boma Music has the perfect Bendir for you. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a quality musical instrument that will last them a lifetime. Shop our selection of Bendirs today and let us help you elevate your Turkish music experience.