Left Handed Professional Turkish Tanbur Boma-327

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Professional Turkish Tanbur Boma-330

Looking for a premium quality Turkish Tanbur? Look no further than Boma Music! Our Professional Turkish Tanbur is crafted with mulberry wood, Canadian cedar, and ebony pegs and juniper bridge for optimal durability and tone. Order now and take your musical skills to the next level!

Special Turkish Tanbur Boma-323

Introducing our Special Turkish Tanbur, meticulously crafted by one of the finest Tanbur makers in Turkey - Mustafa Gencer. Boma offers this exceptional quality musical instrument at an affordable price, perfect for both beginners and professional musicians alike.

Turkish Cumbus Yayli Tanbur By Zeynel Abidin Boma-328

The Turkish Cumbus Yayli Tanbur by Zeynel Abidin is now available at Boma Music! Expertly crafted with high-quality aluminum, this versatile musical instrument is perfect for both amateurs and professionals who want to create unique and captivating sounds. Order now and experience the beauty of traditional Turkish music in the comfort of your own home.

Turkish Professional Tanbur Boma-322

Discover the stunning Turkish Professional Tanbur, available now on Boma's online store. Crafted with care from durable Wenge and Walnut, this masterpiece features an intricate design, ebony pegs, and a Spruce face, offering exceptional sound quality. Complete with extra strings, a plectrum, and a soft case, this instrument is perfect for every musician.

Turkish Tanbur Strings Boma-319

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Welcome to Boma Music, the ultimate online destination for traditional Turkish Tanburs. We take pride in our exquisite collection of Tanburs, carefully crafted by skilled masters, using superior quality materials. Our Tanburs are long-necked lutes primarily used for Turkish classical music performances.

Boma Music offers a vast range of Tanburs suitable for all customers. Our Tanburs are designed with different types of wood, including wenge and walnut, and feature a spruce soundboard, enhancing the Tanburs’ overall sound quality. Our experienced Tanbur makers construct each instrument with the utmost precision and care, ensuring that our Tanburs meet high standards of excellence.

Our Tanburs are available in various numbers of gut frets, from 36 to 48, providing a wide range of sounds and musical expressions for its users. They are equipped with six to nine courses of strings, which allows for versatility in playing the Tanbur. In addition, we offer traditional tortoiseshell plectrums for playing Tanburs, which are popular among Tanbur players to add nuance to their music.

At Boma Music, we value our customers’ trust and satisfaction. Our Tanburs represent the best value in the market, as we offer handcrafted Tanburs at unbeatable prices. Our customers can easily browse our user-friendly website to select their preferred Tanbur or visit our store in Istanbul to experience the unique sound and quality of our Tanburs first-hand.

In conclusion, if you’re a Tanbur enthusiast, Boma Music is the perfect destination for you. Our Tanburs are carefully crafted with the highest level of skill and precision by skilled masters, and our Tanburs come with exciting features and options. Shop with confidence at Boma Music and invest in a Tanbur that is sure to enrich your traditional Turkish music experience.