Turkish Plastic Kaval Set 13 Pcs Boma-374

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Welcome to Boma Music, your ultimate destination for authentic and traditional musical instruments. We take pride in offering a wide range of musical instruments, including the Turkish Kaval, one of the oldest wind instruments in human history. The Kaval’s unique and rustic sound has been popular in rural areas since it was initially used by shepherds in Central Asia and has spread throughout the world through the Great Migration. In this article, we will explore the features of the Kaval and the various options available at Boma Music.

Boma Music offers a variety of Kaval instruments made from plum or boxwood, with seven finger-holes and one thumb-hole, producing either a thin or deep sound. Our catalogue includes a thirteen-piece plastic Kaval set, all hand-made by our master craftsmen. Additionally, the Kaval is available in different keys, such as D, C, B, and A, making it versatile for different music genres.

The Kaval’s blowing techniques are unique, with two types available – Dilsiz Kaval and Dilli Kaval. The Kaval’s techniques are similar to Ney in terms of blowing techniques, but it has important differences, making it suitable for both beginner and advanced players. Our Kaval instruments offer great freedom to the breath, allowing for many different blowing techniques.

At Boma Music, we specialize in providing quality and authentic musical instruments at the best prices, catering to international customers through our online store. Our master craftsmen meticulously create each Kaval instrument with a firm dedication to quality and authenticity. Boma Music aims to introduce this incredible instrument and explore its beauty and history.

In conclusion, discover the unique and rustic sound of the Turkish Kaval instrument with Boma Music. Our catalogue includes premium quality instruments in different materials, sizes, and keys. Our Kaval instruments offer great freedom to the breath, allowing for many different blowing techniques. Visit our website to find the most convenient Kaval for you at the best value. Experience the beauty and history of the Kaval instrument with Boma Music, your ultimate destination for traditional musical instruments.