Professional Mey With Pro Reed By Ali Rıza Acar Boma-386

Looking for an authentic and top-quality Mey? Look no further than Boma Music's Professional Mey with Pro Reed crafted by the renowned Turkish instrument maker, Ali Rıza Acar. Buy now and experience the rich and authentic sound produced by this durable Pekanoz wood instrument.

Professional Plum Wood Mey With Pro Reed By Ali Rıza Acar Boma-385

Looking for a high-quality Mey crafted from plum wood? Look no further than Boma Music! Our Turkish Professional Plum Wood Mey, made by the skilled hands of Ali Rıza Acar, comes with a professional reed and customizable sizes to enhance your musical experience. Order yours today and elevate your sound to new heights!

Professional Rosewood Mey With Pro Reed By Ali Rıza Acar Boma-384

Looking for a top-quality mey that delivers superior sound quality? Look no further than the Professional Rosewood Mey with Pro Reed by Ali Riza Acar, now available on Boma's website. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you're sure to find the perfect fit among the 12 different options available. Order yours today and start creating beautiful music from the comfort of your own home.

Turkish Mey With Pro Reed By Ali Rıza Acar Boma-383

Looking to add an enchanting traditional Turkish sound to your musical collection? Boma Music offers the high-quality rosewood Mey by Ali Riza Acar, complete with a professional reed and various size options. Shop now for a reliable and durable instrument that produces a one-of-a-kind sound.

Turkish Professional Mey With Pro Reed By Ali Rıza Acar Boma-389

The Turkish Professional Mey by Ali Rıza Acar, available on Boma's website, is a top-notch wind instrument made from high-quality plum wood. With 12 professional reeds and a range of length options, this professional mey is perfect for both new and seasoned players looking to produce authentic and rich Turkish music.

As a music lover, you might have come across Turkish Mey instruments. These short oboes with unique, mournful sounds are an essential part of Turkish folk music played in ensembles across the country. At Boma Music, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of Meys in different sizes, hand-made from the finest hard woods, with plum wood being the preferred choice.

The Mey instrument has three parts: the body, the reed, and the grip. Our Meys are adjusted to achieve the perfect pitch by pushing the grip up and down on the reed. With a pitch range of one octave, the Mey has seven finger-holes on the top and one thumb-hole on the bottom. These features make it a versatile instrument that can be used as a solo instrument or as part of an ensemble, providing a rich and haunting accompaniment to other instruments.

Historians believe that the Mey is even older than the Zurna and that its ancestors include the Monaulos, which was widely used in ancient times, and the Balaban in Azerbaijan. At Boma Music, we have a deep appreciation for the Mey’s rich history and cultural significance. We offer a wide range of Meys to suit every taste and budget, all available for purchase through our online store.

From beginners to professionals, our Meys are affordable and made with the highest quality. We believe that you will find here the perfect Mey at the most pocket-friendly rates. Our collection comes in different sizes and styles to cater to and satisfy every need. Experience the charm of Turkish Mey music with our unique instruments.

In conclusion, the Turkish Mey instrument is an exceptional and versatile musical instrument with an intriguing history that has been around for ages. At Boma Music, we offer a range of Meys that are masterfully crafted to produce the perfect pitch, and our collection has something for everyone. Explore our online store for the perfect Mey that will provide you with a unique and haunting sound worth experiencing.