As Boma Music, we are committed to supply and provide top-quality music intsruments for everyone who would like to involve his-/herself with music. The instruments we sell are widely-used and well-known in the orientalist and eastern culture. Our motto is to supply the best product at best price.

Wide Range and Selection of Ethnic Musical Instruments

You can find a variety of ethnic musical instruments on our website. Our product line includes various instruments including but not limited to Turkish, Persian, Azeri, and Arab instruments. These instruments have various types also. For details, discover our website!

Best Quality at Affordable Prices

We offer not only top-quality goods but also affordable prices for those goods. Top musicians prefer tos hop with us. Our products are made by proffesionals and artisans together. That is why, our instruments are of top-quality. Our materials are very comfortable and durable.

Excellent Packaging and Shipping

We ship worldwide. Our packaging process is very careful and delicate. Our packaging has two hard boxes in addition to protective air nylons and foams.
All products are packaged two times so that no damage happens during the shipping process. We are working with experienced shipping companies which helps us to deliver your products on time.