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Mastering the Ney: Tips and Techniques for Playing this Difficult Instrument


Are you an aspiring ney player, struggling to master this notoriously difficult instrument? Look no further, as Boma Music brings you some essential tips and techniques to improve your performance and enhance your skills.


The ney is a Middle Eastern flute that has been played for over 4,500 years. With its unique sound and complex playing techniques, mastering this instrument can be a challenge. However, with some patience, practice, and guidance, you can unlock the full potential of your ney and create beautiful music.

Choose the Right Ney

Choosing the right ney is crucial for a beginner. As a beginner, it is recommended to start with a Turkish ney, as they tend to have a more forgiving tuning and easier blowing technique. As you advance, you can switch to an Arabic ney, which is more delicate and complex.

Practice Your Breathing Technique

Playing the ney requires a unique breathing technique, known as circular breathing. This involves blowing air through the instrument while simultaneously inhaling through your nose. To practice this technique, start by inhaling deeply, then exhale through pursed lips. Once you master this technique, you can start practicing on the ney.

Master the Finger Placement and Conclusion

Finger placement is essential in playing the ney correctly. Make sure that your fingers cover the holes tightly but not too much to avoid air leaks. Practice slowly, focusing on the finger movement and making sure that you are covering the right holes.

Playing the ney is a challenging but rewarding task. By implementing these techniques and practicing regularly, you will be able to create beautiful music and showcase your skills as a ney player. Remember to be patient, dedicated, and to enjoy the process.

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