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What Type of Musical Instrument is the Oud?


Music is a significant element in the center of human life. Music has a positive effect on human life. If people are unhappy, they can store energy thanks to music. In short, music and people are inseparable. Music has existed from the beginning of human history to the present day and continues to do so. In ancient times, people were not aware of the existence of music, but they were trying to make inventions that could entertain themselves in line with the possibilities. At that time, people began to produce some sounds by hitting and blowing. As time progressed, different sounds and musical instruments emerged.

The most basic feature that distinguishes musical instruments from each other is the way the instrument is played. Musical instruments are divided into three as percussion, wind, and strung. The oldest stringed instrument today is the oud. Many other instruments such as the oud were produced by evaluating the possibilities of the time and have survived to the present day. Since the technology was not as advanced as it is today, people used to make instruments from trees, sticks, animal skins, and cymbals. On the other hand, oud is a musical instrument made and decorated by carving wood. It is possible to see this instrument in every region and nation of the world. The oud instrument can also be called by various names in other regions.

About Stringed Musical Instruments

String instruments are also called string instruments in general. Stick-Slip-Effect is an instrument in which sound is produced by causing stick slippage by vibrating the hand by sliding a stick on the string to play stringed instruments. In the same way, there are string instruments played percussion with sticks. The bow is indispensable for string instruments. It is made by stretching a ponytail between the two ends of a slightly curved stick made of hardwood.

You play the bow by holding it with your right hand from the bottom up. That lower head is called the ‘heel’ and the upper one is called the ‘tip’ or ‘hill’. The lengths of the springs are between 70 and 75 cm. The sound and enjoyment of each member of the string family are different from each other. Each musical instrument has a different tone. String instruments are not that easy to play. It is necessary to get an education and practice beforehand.

What is the Oud?

The oud is a musical instrument of Arab origin. Oud emerged in North Africa and spread to Europe over time. Oud has a great contribution to the beginning of the Middle Eastern musical tradition. The sound output from the oud instrument comes out of its hollow body.

With the vibration of the wires, the sound is output from the empty body. It is made of a flat wooden board with a rounded back surrounded by a soundboard, and the back is made of wood with 15-25 strips. This musical instrument has two main distinguishing features. one of them is its pear-shaped body and the second is its fretless neck. On the other hand, the body of this instrument usually has 1-3 sound holes decorated with purfling. This is for decoration purposes only. it never affects the sound. Oud has an interesting design. The upper part of the oud is made of light wood.

How to Play The Oud

This instrument is difficult to play. Prior education is required. Before you start playing the instrument, you must familiarize yourself with the instrument. You should know the answers to questions such as how the instrument is held, how many notes it has, what it is played with, where it is used, which sound comes from which string. You must have good dexterity. Holding the oud is as significant as playing it. In Oud, each string produces a different sound. You have to touch the strings to catch the rhythm.

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