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What Are Some Famous Turkish Instruments?

Turkish instruments

It is possible to say that music has had an important place in human life since ancient times. Music is food for the soul. Music makes even a sad person happy, even for a moment. Having such an effect, a life without music is unthinkable. The ones that make the music are the instruments that allow us to extract those rhythms and melodies. Musical instruments did not have much variety in ancient times. They were invented by evaluating existing possibilities and combining available materials. When we consider Turkish instruments, Turkish percussion instruments come to mind first. In a more familiar expression, we can say Turkish drum instruments. These instruments were made and played both for fun and as a hobby. 

People used to animate the atmosphere by keeping various rhythms at weddings or big festivals. Today, with the development of technology, there are many percussion instruments. Top-class materials are used in the construction of these instruments, and their durability is increased. The most significant thing is that these instruments have been passed down from generation to generation and have been a source of inspiration for us. By adding new options on top of these, we have come to offer different versions to the market.

When Turkish instruments are mentioned, string instruments come to mind. Strings are the most common category of instruments in most music. It is a pleasure to play as much as listening to the sound of string instruments. When it comes to string instruments, the first thing that comes to mind is Turkish string instruments with a huge product range. Turkish string instruments always show their difference everywhere. They have a great melody. When we consider the category of string instruments, the Black Sea region comes to mind first. The Black Sea region once again reveals the power of Turkish music with its plays and instruments. Examples of Turkish stringed instruments are tanbur, louta, qanun, saz, baglama, cumbus, Turkish oud, and kemancha.

All About Turkish Instruments

Some types of Turkish instruments are played all over the world. Turkish musical instruments continue to maintain their existence at all times thanks to the sound they produce. Today, both percussion and string musical instruments are played for entertainment as a profession. Turkish musical instruments also have a beautiful design.


Baglama is a genre widely used in Turkish Folk Music. It has different names according to regions and sizes. It can be played with a plectrum or fingers. The technique of playing with fingers is called selpe and tattoo. Generally, there are seven strings, two sheets of steel at the bottom and a gold thread, two sheets of steel in the middle, and one steal and a gold thread at the top.


It is the first member of the Turkish string instrument family. It is the most indispensable instrument of the Black Sea region. One cannot stand still with the sound it makes. The head and the stem are short. 


The drum is made of wood, metal, or terracotta with leather stretched over a cylindrical body. It is played by hand or with a stick. Its appearance varies from region to region, but it is present in every society. It consists of two basic parts. These are the hoop and the leather. This hoop is covered with leather and played by hand or with a stick. This stick is often called a drumstick.

Turkish Darbuka

Darbuka is quite common in many regions of our country, and it gives energy to people thanks to the rhythm it produces. For the first sound, the middle of the instrument is struck. The second sound is produced for decoration and improvisation. Darbuka is used for entertainment purposes.

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