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What Is The Difference Between Darbuka and Djembe?


Music and people are inseparable. Music is food for the soul. People often enjoy listening to music. It tries to keep up with any rhythm that sounds good. In such a case, the person finds himself in the notes of the music. There are many types of music. Regions and cultural differences had a great impact on the emergence of many musical genres. Musical rhythms, styles and instruments differ from region to region and culture to culture. For example, since ethnic music includes music belonging to the cultures of societies and regions, ethnic music also defines the society to which it belongs.

Since technology and opportunities were not as advanced as they are today, people started to produce musical instruments by utilizing existing opportunities. They made different musical instruments to have fun at weddings and holidays. They produced these musical instruments from trees, animal skins and materials such as hoops. People played the musical instruments they produced by blowing or with the help of a mallet/stick. In ancient times, they used the sound of hitting to get a rhythm. Thus, the first percussion instruments emerged. Darbuka and Djembe are also among the first musical instruments.

All About Darbuka

Darbuka is widely used in certain parts of the world. Darbuka gives energy to people with its sound and rhythm. There are two types of sounds in total from the darbuka musical instrument. To make the first sound, it is necessary to hit the middle of the instrument. The second sound is made to add more rhythm. It is struck mostly on the edges of the darbuka. Darbuka is used mostly for entertainment purposes both in the past and today. It is possible to see Darbuka in almost every region and every nation. It is produced in different visuals in every region with the inspiration that people get from each other.

Darbuka has a visually conical shape and a flat structure with a rounded head. The structure of the darbuka instrument may differ according to its geographical location and origin. Each region has added something of its own while producing this instrument. For example, it influenced Middle Eastern music culture with the influence of Western pop and hip-hop music and caused some changes in its shape and structure. Recently, it has had a very bright interface in appearance. With this appearance, it has gained modernity and is widely used.

What Is Djembe?

The djembe drum was produced in West Africa in the 12th century. Djembe has a versatile voice. It has a very special and distinctive design for its voice. It is known as the most versatile and widespread percussion instrument in the world. It has a great popularity, an unusually wide pitch range. Sounds can be low, medium, and high. To produce these sounds, it is necessary to hit different parts of the instrument.

What Is The Difference Between Darbuka and Djembe?

Djembe has a much warmer tone. As the size of the djembe changes, the sound it makes increases. Darbuka drums have a much sharper sound in terms of tone and pitch. As a result, there are differences in both appearance and sound.

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