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What Is The Difference Between A Lute and An Oud?


Music and people complement each other. Music has taken place in all areas of life and continues to do so. Musical instruments were not as advanced as they are today. People are interested in having fun, spending time, or music as a profession. Music both relaxes the soul and brings joy to people. Its genres and musical instruments are divided into different classes. Musical instruments are played in various cells.  

Musical instruments are divided into three as wind, percussion, and string. Each category has different musical instruments. These musical instruments differ from region to region. Oud which is in the category of string instruments is a popular instrument. We can see the oud instrument all over the world. These instruments produced in ancient times have inspired people, regions, and generations after them. It can have different forms and sound characteristics according to the culture in which it was invented.

What Is a Lute?

The lute is one of the stringed musical instruments. It has a prominent neck. There are tuning buttons on the neck that are used to adjust the sound settings. Lute is called a kind of lute. The instrument of lute has an ancient history. Today, there are many instruments similar to the lute, but with different sounds and basic features. Lute has inspired many instruments, and instruments similar to lute have reached today. The reason why the lute changed was to keep up with the developments in music. 

The changes generally took place in the number of strings, string lengths, and playing the strings. Lute is generally made by carving wood. Ornaments vary from person to person. The lute is not an instrument that can be played easily. People need to practice in this area and use their fingers well. The person who will play the instrument applies pressure to the strings with one hand. He/she touches the strings with his other hand. As a result of vibration, the strings make a sound.

All About Oud

Its origins date back to ancient times. Oud is inspired by the lute. To play the oud, it is necessary to take a lesson beforehand. To get a quality sound from the instrument, it must be tuned. You may not get the tone you want from an out-of-tune oud.

What Is The Difference Between A Lute and An Oud?

The main difference between the Oud and Lute instruments is that a Lute has a fretted neck. Lute can have more strings or be a larger size than the Oud instrument. The Lute is associated with Western Shakespearean culture. The Oud is the main instrument of Middle Eastern and Arab culture. There is not much difference between them. They have been a source of inspiration to each other. They may be decorated differently depending on the region in which they originated.

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